To play Mas, or not to play Mas?

Trinidad Carnival is upon us. And yes, ladies and gents…i am going. Finally! I have wanted to go to Trinidad Carnival ever since I went to my very first carnival back in 1994 on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. My dear friend Tamara, a Trini, was the first to tell me that Trinidad’s Carnival is THE BEST Carnival in the world. 16 years later, I’ve received nothing but confirmation about this fact. My appetite for baccanal came in 2007 when I made my first visit to Trinidad. I rung in the new year on the streets of Marabella, where Mango fell from the tree in front of the house where I was staying on Jack street. After soaking up the sun in Tobago,and eating nuff doubles, I spent my last night at Fire Fete – one of the early pre-carnival celebrations. And … W-o-W! Hands down THE BEST party I have ever been to in my life. Ever. The spirit of carnival – the pride and honor of unity – and mind you, the party was thrown by the national fire department. The police department has its party, as does EMS. Can you imagine getting down with the NYPD? I most definitely cannot. That was my official introduction to “love for country”.

But more importantly, there are fabulous costumes:

So many options. So much freedom, flyness and sexuality. I’m all the way in. But i need a little help getting my ish together. Most bloggers say I’m way late in my preparations. They must not know how efficient a producer I am.

I found a great site to help me prepare for Trinidad Carnival. It’s a science. It’s a culture. It’s very serious.
AfroBella also has some great resources on how to do Carnival properly – which I have every intention of doing.

I will be showing off.

Stay tuned…

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